The Untrained Eye provides interior styling for commercial & private spaces




As a young girl I spent a lot of time pouring over interior magazines and scrap booking ideas in the hope that I would be able to recreate these ideas’ in the real ‘ one day. I have always been passionate about interiors, furniture, art and object and the way that they fit together to tell a story. This fascination has led me into interior related careers including Floristry, Merchandising and as Buyer, Merchandiser and Owner of Macyhome for 17 years!

My home and business have been featured in several magazines, editorials including Homestyle, Metro Magazine, NZ Herald and Australian Vogue all with a focus on my style and aesthetic as a buyer and curator.

I think of myself as a person who appreciates design within a space and wants to do their upmost to honour it. To select and curate art, object and furniture into a space to enrich the design. My job is to investigate and build a story based on the information shared by the client and then be able to express that information in the form a well thought out, inspiring space that the client will love sharing with family, friends and or their clients.

Welcome to The Untrained Eye.



LONGSHOT  ESPRESSO 2017 /  Soft furnishings, art and object ,planting and styling.

LONGROOM COURTYARD  2017 /  Soft furnishings , seating selection and planting.

LONGROOM REFURBISHMENT 2017 / Planters, plant selection, objects and styling.

ROBERT HARRIS  in conjunction with FUMAN DESIGN. 2017 / RH TImaru / RH Northlands /RH Palms. Selection and curation of styling items. Artificial planting, in store curation.

SHORTROOM  2018 / In progress.